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Naseeha – Shaikh Zafar ul Hasan Madani

November 16 @ 9:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Days: Everyday Thursday (Starting from Thursday – 26th October 2017)
Time: 09:30pm to 10:30pm
Venue: Kalemah Islamic Center, Al Qusais 3 (Click here for location map)
Registration Fee: FREE
Language: Urdu

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About The Lecture Series
The scholars have defined naseeha as “truly seeking the best, in terms of intention and action, for the one to whom naseeha is given.” Internalizing and acting upon this concept is essential to a Muslim’s spiritual development, towards worshipping Allah better and towards being a beneficial member of the society. Here is your chance to engage yourself and your family every Thursday night with Shaikh Zafar Ul Hasan Madani as he covers various topics that are important for building your emaan and motivating you to be a better Muslim. Each talk will be for a duration of 60 minutes followed by a brief question and answer session.

About The Speaker
Shaikh Zafar-ul-Hasan is a renowned scholar in U.A.E delivering discourses since over 25 years. Quite early in his career as a teacher, he was chosen by the Government of Saudi Arabia to teach and call people to Islam and was deputed to Dubai. He speaks at various international conferences and frequently travels on teaching tours. He has been bestowed the honor of being the official teacher for Hajj and the rulings surrounding it. He has had the privilege to learn from some of the major Shuyookh and ‘Ulama of our times. A few of them have been named below:

  • Shaikh Al Hadith Shams Al-haq (Rahimahullah).
  • Shaikh Al Jam’ia Salafiya Moulana Abdul Waheed Rahmani (Rahimahullah).
  • Shaikh Mohammed Umar Fallata (Rahimahullah).
  • Shaikh Abdus-salam Rahmani Al Madani (Hafidhahullah) (Shaikh Zafar took the ‘Ijaza in hadith from him).
  • Shaikh Salih Al Suhaimi (Hafidhahulla) (Teacher in Masjid An-Nabawi).
  • Shaikh Rabee Bin Hadi Al Madkhali (Hafidhahullah).
  • Maulana Mahfoozur-Rahmaan Faiza (Hafidhahullah).
* Language medium of the lecture is Urdu.
* Separate seating arrangements available for sisters as well as mothers with babies.


November 16
9:30 pm - 10:30 pm