Kalemah Exclusive Event

The Essentials 2020 - 21

By  Ustadh AbdulRahman Hassan

Topic: Al-Ajrumiyyah (knowing al-I’rāb)

12/03/2021 - 30/04/2021
07:30 am to 09:30 am
(UAE Timings)


“Indeed We have revealed it as an Arabic Qur’an so that you may understand” [Surah Yusuf 2]

There is no doubt that the Arabic language is one of the most important things which every Muslim should learn in order to directly understand the speech of His Lord and the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم and access the vast Islamic scholarship in its entirety. It is an unparalleled language of utmost beauty and utility.

As such, the next book we will In Shaa Allah be studying in our weekly Essentials course if the Ajrumiyyah, a primer in the rules of Arabic grammar. Studying this book will enable you to understand the foundation of Arabic in an organised manner and draw you one step closer to understanding the language of the Qur’an.

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Here is what we will cover in this book:   

1. To know what constitutes speech in Arabic.
2. To know what the noun is known by.
3. To know what the verb is known by.
4.To know what a particle is known by.
5. To know what is grammatical analysis; its types and signs.

Unique Features of the Essentials Islamic Learning Program:

1) Live classes with the teacher that provide an opportunity for questions and answers at the end of the class.
2) All learning material and texts will be made available and sent after registration.
3) Regular assessments will be conducated.
4) Certificate will be provided to all participants at the end of the course.
5) Registration is free

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About the Speaker

Ustadh Abdulrahman Hassan memorised Qur’an and Buloogh Al-Muraam by the age of 10. He has travelled to different countries to study with a number of prominent scholars. He is the founder of Al Madrasatu Al Umariyyah, an online program in the English language for seeking knowledge in the classical way. He has studied with prominent scholars such as: Shaykh Saalih Al-Fawzaan – Shaykh Muhammad Aadam Al-Ethiobee – Shaykh AbdulKareem Khudayr – Shaykh AbdulMuhsin Al-Abbaad – Saad Ibn Nasir Al Shithree – Shaykh Abdullah Al-Ubaylaan.

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