Kalemah Exclusive Event

Welcome To Islam Course Level 1

Only for New Muslim Sisters

1.00 pm to 3.00 pm

English ( Free)

New Muslim Course Level- 1

The course is based on short modules intended to give the new Muslim the essential tools that she needs to get started in their new religion. This will include matters of belief, common problems and how to solve them, the prayer, Islamic terminology, and some of the basic commands and prohibitions of Islam. The aim is that new Muslims will be able, after completing the course, to integrate with existing classes and facilities for Muslims, and be comfortable and confident in their new life. The course will conclude in time for the ‘Asr prayer, and we will pray together before leaving.

Week 1: The five pillars of Islam; the six pillars of faith; an introduction to cleanliness and prayer.
Week 2: Getting to grips with pronunciation; the words that we say in the prayer; prayer in congregation.
Week 3: Morals and manners; relationships and family.
Week 4: Clothing and privacy; forbidden things; where to go from here.

New Muslim Course Level- 2

In the spirit of conveying the proper methodologies and teaching of Islam to our Dear New Muslim Sisters, we at Kalemah have developed a 10 week modular program which delves into what you would need to know and learn as you progress through your life as a Muslim.

 How do I pray correctly? How do I dress modestly? What is a Hajj? How do I fast? How can I remain steadfast on the path of Islam? How can I gain a deeper understanding of the religion? All of these are questions which will in shaa Allah be answered and explained by this program, all under the supervision and guidance of an experienced instructor.

You have begun a new life as a Muslim, the best life you will ever have. Come join us in this program to really discover what it means to follow Islam and to learn what really are the methodologies of the one true religion. We urge you to take the next step in your journey as a new Muslim.

Be prepared and enthusiastic to advance further in their Islamic knowledge

Topics for the course

  • Increase your Emaan & Understanding the conditions of shahada
  • Fiqh of Taharah for women
  • Understanding the Quran-Juzz Amma
  • Personality of a Muslimah

Desired outcomes

  • Developed a good awareness of the etiquettes, status and virtue of knowledge and be able to demonstrate and apply what they have learned.
  • Be prepared and enthusiastic to advance further in their Islamic knowledge.

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About the speaker

Sister Fatima Diaby is a student of knowledge in Islamic Studies based in the U.A.E. She is a graduate from the Academy of Creteil in France majoring in Literature and language as specialty and has many years of teaching experience. She took most of her Islamic education from her father who was, Professor in Islamic theology. She memorized the Holy Quran at Quran centres Otrojah and Riad Saliheen. She is currently enrolled at Knowledge International University – K.S.A and prepares a double major in Islamic Studies.

  • Only limited seats are available and registration confirmation is solely on first come first serve basis.
  • Transportation is not available.
  • For more information please contact us on [email protected]